Little Arrowhead Ranch is located in the heart of prime Whitetail country in McMullen County about 15 miles south of Tilden. Little Arrowhead Ranch is owned by experienced third and fourth generation south Texas Ranchers and Whitetail hunters. Our fifth generation now proudly assists in the development and management of the ranches. All of the wonderful animals you as an outsider experience on our properties are the byproducts of many hours of hard work and patience. The South Texas brush country is harsh country. Summertime temperatures can easily exceed 105 degrees.

We take much pride in the management of our ranches and want to share that opportunity with those that appreciate intense whitetail management and desire the opportunity to photograph r harvest a Trophy Mature whitetail buck.

My Grandfather, Otto Retzloff no deceased, was the first in our family to develop a passion for magnificent whitetail in the 140's and 150's.  Otto appreciated the magnificent whitetail as he ventured into the thorny south Texas brush country each winter.  He often was perched in a mesquite tree on a cold winter day trying his luck with a pair of rattling horns attempting to lure in a magnificent south Texas buck.  The stories of Otto's adventures instilled in us the respect for whitetails that can only be experienced by those that observe them closely to understand how they survive in south Texas.

Fast forward to three generations following, you find the great grandsons of Otto and Adela carrying on those family hunting traditions.  With much practical experience and many management tools now available that were not available to Otto and his sons in the mid 1900's, whitetails on the family ranches now excel in their environment.  The intense management practices coupled with an intensive supplemental feeding program that has been employed over the years by the second and third generations through much sweat, tears and blood has made a significant impact in the development of our whitetail herds on family owned properties.  Many of these whitetails are only shot with a camera.  All of these management practices take effort, but just as importantly they take time which requires patience.  Although beauty is defined in the eyes of the beholder, a trophy majestic whitetail buck is one that has reached the ripe age of 7.5 years.  Our family ranches in Live Oak and McMullen County are one of the few places where an outside hunter or photographer can experience seeing such a majestic whitetail.