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Shed Hunting

March 31
Shed Hunting

In total, the four of us found about 15 sheds of various sizes in different locations throughout the ranch in just over a day.  The biggest sheds found were these (a  matching set) pictured which were found very near the ranch house.  As evidenced by the picture, we also crossed paths with this big rattlesnake that measured right at 6’ long and had 16 rattlers.


Spring time is a wonderful time in south Texas, particularly when we get the rainfall to make things green up even more so than usual.  While we have only received about 1.5” in total at the ranch, things are looking much better than they did even in late February.  The Guajillo brush shredded last Fall is really lush and beautiful.  Cottonseed and protein feed consumption has decreased significantly with the improved range conditions, and deer are in really good shape.  It appears  that less than 10% of bucks will carry their old headgear into April.


Visitors to south Texas in late winter through spring should be very attentive when walking around on any property.  It is highly recommended to wear some type of tall boots or leggings (many refer to them as chaps or snake boots) during this time of year.   From my experience, the taller the prickly pear the bigger the rattlers will grow.  Likewise, the bucks antlers also tend to do the same in big pear country!